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Blue Ridge High School Athletic Booster Club

President:  Franci Miller
Vice President:  Robin Parent
Treasurer:  Jessica DeMarse/Lynn Grammer
Secretary:  Debbie Reynolds

The Blue Ridge High School Athletic Booster Club meets the 2nd Wednesday of each month at 7 p.m. in the Teacher's Lounge/Commons Area at the High School.  All parents of student athletes at Blue Ridge High School are encouraged to attend.  Please click on "Facebook" and follow us on our Facebook page!

The mission of the Athletic Booster Club is to provide financial and volunteer assistance to the Athletic Department at Blue Ridge High School.  This is for the benefit of the entire student body by helping ensure the best possible athletic experience.  The Athletic Booster Club also promotes awareness and interest within our communities for all athletic events in which our students participate.

Activity Involvement

Fall Preview:  This event is held the Friday before the first football game to introduce the fall sports teams.  The Athletic Booster Club Serves a light meal for a minimal charge.

Homecoming (in conjunction with Student Council):  Homecoming is the largest event for the Athletic Booster Club.  It includes a "Homecoming Kick-off" the weekend before Homecoming week with powderpuff football, boys volleyball, a Mr. & Mrs. Cool contest, other fun filled competitions and a light meal.  The Athletic Booster Club also decorates the community and school to promote school spirit.

Fundraising:  The Athletic Booster Club participates in a few fundraising activities throughout the school year.  We operate the football concession during varsity games in addition to selling Knightwear annually. The Knightwear fundraiser may include t-shirts, sweatshirts, polos, jackets, hats and stadium seats.  We also sponsor a pork chop dinner during a varsity home football game.

"Pack the Place/Flood the Field":  One game during each of the football, soccer, volleyball and basketball seasons is designated as "Pack the Place" or "Flood the Field" to encourage attendance and boost Knight spirit.  Prizes are given and special activities may be planned.

Grandparents' Night:  Grandparents of student athletes are recognized and honored at designated football, soccer, volleyball and basketball games during their respective seasons.

Athlete Recognition:  In recognition of outstanding student athletic achievements, the Athletic Booster Club gives a t-shirt to each of the student athletes that are selected as Athlete of the Month by their coaches. Pictures of the Athletes of the Month are hung up on the bulletin board in the Commons Area.  Sports emblems are also hung each season on John Street recognizing the students participating in the various sports.  We also provide treats to the students who achieve state recognition in their sport.

Spirit Award: The Athletic Booster Club chooses someone annually from the community who has contributed to the Knight spirit by volunteering their time and efforts and by encouraging spirit by their example.

 Additional Things the Athletic Boosters have supplied over the years:

·       Funding for half of the Athletic Trainer

·       Softball equipment & repairs

·       Track discus, shot put, starting blocks

·       Golf bags

·       Volley for a Cure t-shirts

·       Football equipment

·       Plyometric boxes, barbells for weight room

·       Bigger, Faster, Stronger Program


The following organizations have been recognized by the Blue Ridge Board of Education and have met the criteria necessary to raise funds to support student activities.

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