Frequently Asked Questions

Q. The bus drives right past my house. Why can't it stop at my house?

The higher frequency of stops makes the motoring public impatient. This results in people driving around the bus, a dangerous situation. It also delays the bus by increasing the number of stops and makes the student ride time longer. Stops are placed to be convenient for groups of students in the subdivision.

Q. I can't see the bus stop from my house.

Blue Ridge provides transportation for a large number of students. We are not able to position bus stops so that all parents are able to see the stop from their home.

Q. Why do some children have to cross the street to board the bus?

While we do our best, we may not be able to route buses so that all children can board the bus on the door side. We recommend that children wait on the side of the street where they reside. The bus will stop traffic in all directions to accommodate students that need to cross the street.

Q. My child carries a large musical instrument and/or heavy backpack. He is the only student using the stop. It needs to be closer to our home.

Bus stops are centrally located for all students along a route. Bus stops are not changed to accommodate one or more students because that may displace other students further from their home.

Q. I leave for work early and can’t watch my child get on the bus. Can’t the stop be at my home?

In order to be consistent and fair in placement of bus stops, we are not able to establish stops based on personal circumstances.

Q. Why is my child’s bus late?

Weather, traffic, maintenance difficulties and unforeseen incidents are responsible for delays in arrival of school buses. Please know that we do everything humanly possible to have all buses running on schedule each and every day. In the event your bus does not arrive as scheduled, contact transportation at 309-928-2150. Please allow 10-20 minutes before calling.

Q. Why can’t you call when you know the bus will be late?

There as many as 50-60 students on each bus. It would be impossible to contact everyone in such a short time frame and many parents are not home or waiting at the stop for their child.

Q. Why are there only a few students on some buses and my child’s bus is crowded?

Decisions regarding each bus route are made by careful planning based on information from school registration data and previous similar routes. Most routes are fixed in late summer and changes made after the first three weeks of school or sooner. Distance from school, number of buses and drivers, and grouping of students and neighborhoods are all factors that are considered. Sometimes it is just not possible to have the exact number of students on every run.

Q. Why is there an address stop on the route if buses don’t make home stops?

Address stops may occur for a special education student.

Q. How far can a bus stop be from the student's home?

Bus stops may be up to ½ mile from the student’s residence, however stops in are typically far less than ½ mile from students’ residences.