Updated 8/16/21

As a district, we work closely with the DeWitt Piatt Bi-County Health Department to monitor the local spread of COVID-19 and its impact on our schools. Our hope is that the following information will provide a clear picture for our school community.

The dashboard includes the current number of cumulative COVID-19 positive cases reported for students and staff in our school district. For reference, Blue Ridge employs 120 staff members and currently serves 640 students. Our cumulative case numbers represent reported cases since school began in August 2021.

The dashboard also includes information on our students and staff who are currently at home isolating or quarantining.

According to the new CDC close contact definition, individuals who are within 3-6 feet of the infected individual are not treated as close contacts as long as both the infected individual and exposed individual were engaged in consistent and correct use of a well-fitting mask and physical distancing are in place. In other words, only classroom contacts within 3 feet require quarantine as long as both the case and the contact were consistently masked. If they are not consistently masked, then close contacts are individuals who are within 6 feet of the infected individual for a cumulative total of 15 minutes or more over a 24 hour period. A negative COVID-19 test will not release a close contact from quarantine. Close contacts will work with the local health department to determine the length of quarantine. A letter of release must be presented to the school nurse or Principal prior to the individual returning to the school.

When working with the local health department on quarantine status, one new quarantine option for an unvaccinated close contact is the Test to Stay protocol. This option is available for unvaccinated people if they are 1) currently signed up for SHIELD-IL and 2) were engaged in consistent and correct usage of a well-fitting mask. Test to Stay would require testing on days one, three, five, and seven from the date of exposure. If followed, the close contact would be permitted to remain in the classroom as long as the results remain negative and the individual remains symptom free. If a weekend or holiday would not allow the schedule to be followed, the health department would provide guidance as to testing days.

Blue Ridge CUSD #18 Covid-19 Dashboard