Evacuation Drill Information

Evacuation Drill Information: As a practice drill, students at all Blue Ridge schools are being evacuated to the following alternate location: Schneider students are at Victory Christian Center. BRHS Students are at Trinity Christian Fellowship. Mansfield Students to Bellflower Community Center. 

In order to ensure student safety, only custodial parents or guardians may pick up students from these sites – no exceptions. PLEASE WAIT 30 MINUTES BEFORE GOING TO THE SITE SO WE CAN SET UP AND THE PROCESS WILL RUN MORE SMOOTHLY FOR ALL.  

It is imperative that parents proceed to the reunification site and NOT to the school. The reunification site is where all new information regarding the situation will be released to parents. Do not attempt to go to the school. Doing so makes it more difficult for the District and law enforcement to do their jobs. Release of students will be to custodial parents/guardians only.Identification will be required. There will be no exceptions. We ask for your patience and understanding. The reunification process will take time. The District must receive the all clear from law enforcement before the evacuation and parent/guardian-child reunification process can begin. There is no way to estimate how long this will be. Further updates will be communicated via the SchoolMessenger system and District website and Facebook.


Schneider Students - VICTORY CHRISTIAN CENTER, 701 Stensel Drive in Farmer City. Parents should not park in the west drive way. Park in the south parking lot. Media should report to the American Legion Hall to the West of VCC.

MANSFIELD STUDENTS - BELLFLOWER COMMUNITY CENTER, 104 W. Center Street in Bellflower. Do not park near community center. Parents should turn left on Saybrook Road (also known as State Street), drive 2 blocks, and turn right on Kleinbeck. Park in the downtown area on the street or in the Feed Mill lot.  Media should report to Fire Dept. Administration Building in the old bank on Route 54.

BRHS STUDENTS - TRINITY COMMUNITY FELLOWSHIP, 1300 W. Clinton Ave., in Farmer City. Parents should park in the front parking lot only. Media should report to the Pavillion on the East side of the property.