BR Principals take part in National SAM Innovation Project

Blue Ridge Principals, Mr. Lawrence, Mrs. Nichols and Mr. Peyton have volunteered to participate in the National SAM Innovation Project. This project is provided through a grant to Regional Office of Education #17 and there is no cost to Blue Ridge for them to participate. The Project provides professional development concerning the principal’s use of time. Here is a link to a summary:

Principals try to make it a priority to work with teachers to improve their practice, and with students to improve their learning, management duties often get in way. This next week, the principals will be shadowed by a person who will collect data on what they do each day. The results of the data collection will be provided to the principals, who will then set goals to increase the percentage of time spent on instructional tasks. They will have an in-house staff member who meets with them each day to help them remain on track for their goals. Next year we will repeat the data collection process to see how much progress has been made. This is a great opportunity for our principals, who are always working to grow and develop as educational leaders.