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Freshman Orientation

On Wednesday, Feb. 3, we will be holding a Freshman Orientation Night at Blue Ridge High School beginning at 7:00 P.M. in the High School Commons.  We will be presenting information pertaining to your child’s transition to high school.  We will also begin pre-registration for your child’s ninth grade classes at this meeting, and you will have an opportunity to ask questions about electives courses (Spanish, Industrial Technology, Agriculture, Computers/Business, Family and Consumer Science, Music, Art).


We have lots of information to share that we feel will help the transition to high school, and we hope this will get your child excited and encouraged about his or her upcoming high school years.  We hope to see you and your student there.

    Blue Ridge Belief Statements:
  • Each student deserves the educational opportunity to realize his/her worth and to achieve full potential as a productive citizen.
  • Parents and students share responsibility with the school district for student learning.
  • Our school is one of the foundations of our community.  The school, the family, and the entire community must work together to develop and maintain a safe, structured, positive environment for educating all students.
  • Individuals learn in different ways, and at different rates.
  • True self-esteem is developed through meaningful achievement/accomplishments.
  • We should strive to continually improve in a way that maximizes lifelong learning.
  • We should conduct ourselves in such a manner as to attract and keep outstanding personnel.