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Invitation to Strategic Planning for Blue Ridge Schools

You are cordially invited to Strategic Planning

November 4 & 56-9 p.m.

Blue Ridge Intermediate & Junior High School

107 South McKinley Street, Mansfield

Light meals will be served at 6 p.m. both days

RSVP via email to, or call 309-928-9141.


Blue Ridge School District is setting goals for the next 3-5 years. We are seeking wide-spread participation from all who care about our schools. Please consider taking the time to be a part of this very important 2-day process.

    Blue Ridge Belief Statements:
  • Each student deserves the educational opportunity to realize his/her worth and to achieve full potential as a productive citizen.
  • Parents and students share responsibility with the school district for student learning.
  • Our school is one of the foundations of our community.  The school, the family, and the entire community must work together to develop and maintain a safe, structured, positive environment for educating all students.
  • Individuals learn in different ways, and at different rates.
  • True self-esteem is developed through meaningful achievement/accomplishments.
  • We should strive to continually improve in a way that maximizes lifelong learning.
  • We should conduct ourselves in such a manner as to attract and keep outstanding personnel.