Another great group of Exemplary Knights! Congratulations! #br_u_knighted
19 days ago, Ryan Peyton
BRIJHS Parents - our Theatre Club will not be meeting after school tomorrow, 1/18, due to both gyms being in use for other events. Sorry for the late notice! #br_u_knighted
20 days ago, Andrea Weedman
Our weekend is longer for a very special reason, which is to remember Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. A quote from his Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech in 1964 rings true yet today. "Man must evolve for all human conflict a method which rejects revenge, aggression and retaliation. The foundation of such a method is love." May we continue to learn.
24 days ago, Hillary Stanifer
Mrs. Nadrozny's scientists investigated what makes ice melt the fastest: hot water, salt, sugar, vinegar, or baking soda. The 2nd grade scientists determined that hot water works the fastest! #br_u_knighted
24 days ago, Ryan Peyton
Reminder of the lunch menu change today at BRIJHS - hamburgers instead of chicken sandwich.
26 days ago, Kristi Woliung
Lunch menu change for BRIJHS ONLY tomorrow (Jan 12) - Hamburgers will be served instead of chicken sandwich.
26 days ago, Kristi Woliung
Just in case you missed this the other day, I wanted to send out the 2nd quarter newsletter again. Thanks for reading.
27 days ago, Brian Easter
Due to current emergency vehicle presence in the Bellflower area, the WHITE bus will be re-routing into Bellflower this afternoon and dropping off at the Don Harden Ballfield instead of the Community Center.
27 days ago, Kristi Woliung
Thank you, Kevin Richardson and Country Financial, for your generous donation. Blue Ridge Schools appreciate your ongoing support! #br_u_knighted
29 days ago, Hillary Stanifer
country financial
Please see the attached document - the BRHS 2nd Qtr Principal Newsletter.
29 days ago, Brian Easter
Bus Drivers are needed-full time, part time and sub drivers. Check out the flyer to see if it interests you and please share and spread the word!! #br_u_knighted
about 1 month ago, Kristi Woliung
bus driver
On the afternoon of Thursday, January 5, our Blue and Red rural routes will be combined. The arrival to home times will vary for the students on the rural routes; some students will arrive home early, while others will arrive home later than usual. Thank you for your understanding. We're still hiring- full time, part time, and sub drivers! #br_u_knighted
about 1 month ago, Hillary Stanifer
What's new at Blue Ridge? Check out December's Monthly Update to find out. Our Exemplary Knight information is included each month so you can read all the details. Check it out here: #br_u_knighted
about 1 month ago, Hillary Stanifer
Yesterday, we closed the semester with our Holiday Sing-Along for grades 4-8. We’re thankful for the bleachers being full of families, our student partcipants, and for Mrs. Soliday’s music efforts in our building. #br_u_knighted
about 2 months ago, Andrea Weedman
student singers
student musicians
grades 4-8
piano solo
Here are this month’s Exemplary Knights. Congratulations to these well deserving students and staff members!
about 2 months ago, Ryan Peyton
Students in Mrs. Parson's Kindergareten class worked with some of Mr. Tongate's High School students this week to make their parent gifts for Christmas.
about 2 months ago, Ryan Peyton
Students in Mrs. Brackenhoff's 1st grade class completed a fun STEM Challenge. Their goal was to build a bridge to help get The Gingerbread Man safely across the water. With thoughtful planning and teamwork students created some very impressive bridges. We might have some future engineers at Schneider!
about 2 months ago, Ryan Peyton
Reminder- Green bus is running up to 15 minutes late this morning and the White bus is running up to 15 minutes late this afternoon. #br_u_knighted
about 2 months ago, Hillary Stanifer
BRIJHS parents please see the December Family Letter from Mr. Huddleston. Have a fantastic weekend! #br_u_knighted
about 2 months ago, Burton Huddleston
On Monday, December 19, the Green bus will running up to 15 minutes late in the morning. Also on Monday, December 19, the White bus will be running up to 15 minutes late in the afternoon. Thank you for your understanding. #br_u_knighted
about 2 months ago, Hillary Stanifer